After field work in the villages and visiting neighbouring farmers, Sustainche & Lisa are highly creative 😉
Enjoy having a look to the Sustainche Farm™ Project wallpapers and posters !

The following three Sustainche Farm™ Project wallpapers and posters are hand-selected by Sustainche & Lisa to be the top-3 of their present collection … supported by the voting on Sustainche’s Blog :-)

Sustainche’s Farm Project Poster 3Sustainche’s Farm Project Poster Matrix #OpSustaincheFarmSustainche’s Farm Project Poster #OpSustaincheFarm Madagascar 2






The following wallpapers and posters you might have seen inserted in previous posts and pages:

Sustainche’s Farm Project Poster ShipSustainche’s Farm Project Poster Che and CheSustainche’s Farm Project Poster "V"Sustainche’s Farm Project Poster Gandhi and SustaincheSustainche’s Farm Project Selection and Award




Sustainche’s Farm Project Poster Madagascar 4Sustainche’s Farm Project Poster The Next GenerationSustainche’s Farm Project Poster Title 4Sustainche’s Farm Project Poster V 2

Sustainche’s Farm Project_Poster_Madagascar_LisaSustainche’s Farm Project_Poster_Matrix_NeoSustainche’s Farm Project_Poster_Madagascar_2There are more to come …

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