Who supports the Sustainche Farm™ project at the moment ?

For the time being you may say that it is Sustainche & Lisa all alone. They are the creative masterminds of this African experiment … ;-)

Sustainche & Lisa, of course, are too small to organize everything that is needed at the moment, and this included present internet access. Therefore, Etosha Consult International – Network and Services for Sustainable Development (http://www.etosha-consult.de) helps both Sustains™ as much as they can.

Who is the target audience for the Sustainche Farm™ project ?

Sustainche & Lisa enjoy targeting everybody around the globe who is committed to sustainable development in general, a better quality of life and sustainable development farming in Africa. In this respect, there cannot be any age limit, neither for youngsters nor for seasoned ages. For sure Sustainche & Lisa do not like ‘land grabbers’.

If there is a FAQs Part IV, will there be Part V or VI as well ?

Yes … we hope so. Especially during the ‘Motivation Campaign’ or Preparation Phase I we will compile a catalogue of questions from Sustainche’s Blog’s™ audience and later on from Sustainche Farm™ community. These additional questions will be answered in subsequent FAQs Part V, VI, etc.

Can you provide a brief time schedule of actions for the Sustainche Farm™ Project ?

Yes, of course !

  1. The Preparation Phase, covering the project months 1 to 6, June to November 2011, shall be divided in two steps.
  2. The Motivation Campaign’ or Preparation Phase I from project months 1 to 3, June to August 2011, focuses on the fact finding mission to select the farm to be awarded Sustainche Farm™ as well as first intensive interactions with Sustainche’s Blog™ subscribers via the existing WorldPress platform. The duration of the ‘Motivation Campaign’ might be extended for another three months until November 2011 if deemed feasible.
  3. The Mobilizing Campaign’ or Preparation Phase II from project months 4 to 6, September to November 2011, focuses on the design and content management of an independent website for the Sustainche Farm™ Project with initial technologies to facilitate presentations, communication, interaction and voting for the Sustainche Farm™ community members. The website shall be open for desired upgrades during the Implementation Phase.
  4. The Implementation Phase is envisaged starting from project month 8, January 2012. Let’s give Sustainche & Lisa one month break to enjoy a peaceful Christmas time … ;-)
  5. In conclusion and in other words, Sustainche & Lisa enjoy seeing a strong tailwind from all around the world – from motivation to mobilization to implementation –, in order to make the Sustainche Farm™ Project a real flagship i) getting discoverers on board, ii) leaving the harbour behind and iii) heading towards the open ocean … and find a better quality of life.

Sustainche’s Farm Project Poster Ship

When does the Sustainche Farm™ project end ?

For the time being, Sustainche & Lisa can only say how and when the Sustainche Farm™ project starts. It will be up to the Sustainche Farm™ community to decide whether the project objectives, which still need to be jointly formulated, have been reached. What is for sure and inherent in all projects: Everything that has a beginning has an end.

To be continued … if you wish !

Send Sustainche & Lisa your comments and additional questions !

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