What happens if the Sustainche Farm™ Project cannot enter the Mobilizing Campaign’ or Preparation Phase II after six months ?

Since this is an experiment, and it is the first experiment of this kind ever done in Africa, everything can happen! Sustainche & Lisa are determined to do their best in making this project successful. However, at the end of the day the success will depend on the enthusiasm of the Sustainche Farm™ Community members.

When will the Sustainche Farm™ Project’s Implementation Phase being launched ?

Following the present planning and provided that the project successfully passed the two steps of the Preparation Phase (Motivation & Mobilization Campaign), after only six months we hope to be able launching the Project Implementation Phase with the initially designed Sustainche Farm™ website now being fully technical operational in order to facilitate interactive participation, communication and decision making of the Sustainche Farm™ Community.

What is the Euro 30 subscription fee being spent on ?

All of the income from subscribers stays within the project and will be spent on project staff costs and ongoing content creation for the website. The basic farming operations will be covered by the farm family as it is done today.

What will happen if Sustainche Farm™ Community members propose investments in the farm, such as photovoltaic solar panels for electricity supply ?

Any kind of investment that goes beyond the usual investments of the family farm will need to be discussed among the Sustainche Farm™ Community. This also refers to investment costs and on how they could be covered by sponsorship or additional membership contributions. Sustainche & Lisa are open for any suggestions.

What will happen if the farm makes a loss ?

Sustainche Farm™ is not a farm in the European Union, but a farm in Africa. Hence, the farm’s ultimate aim is to make the farm family self-sufficient; some people might call it ‘self-sustainable’. It is also to keep in mind that small-scale farmers in Northern Namibia do not receive any yearly subsidies like their EU colleagues enjoy to collect from Brussels. Therefore, any changes decided by the membership community to improve the real situation of Sustainche Farm™ need to respect a sustainable development approach, which include economic, social & cultural as well as environmental aspects at the same time. Beyond this, Sustainche Farm™ shall be open for proposals in terms of a diversification of income. At the end of the day, the head of the farming family will keep the ultimate saying.

What is the main means of recruitment ?

Starting from Sustainche’s Blog™ and additionally supported by the envisaged Sustainche Farm™ website, online media are our main channels. The frequency and intensity of media utilization such as video clips and pictures will need to take into consideration the farm family’s privacy. Thus, a respectful behaviour is paramount for the success of the Sustainche Farm™ project. All this shall be discussed frankly and friendly among the community members.

Are you getting sponsorship for the Sustainche Farm™ project ?

Not yet ! However, Sustainche & Lisa would enjoy attracting sponsors to support this experiment. In any case Sustainche & Lisa will discuss with the farmer family and the community on who is acceptable for sponsorship in line with the principles of sustainable development. The Sustainche Farm™ project will never become hijacked!


FAQs, Part IV

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