What are the benefits of subscribing to the envisaged Sustainche Farm™ project ?
What do I get for Euro 30 ?

Although the Sustainche Farm™ project’s website, of course, will be open to the world in large, subscribers here are recognized to be part of the Sustainche Farm™ Community. Sustainche Farm™ Community members – wherever they might live on Planet Earth – shall actually feel part of Sustainche Farm™ in Northern Namibia and interactively participate in real life decision making.

There are four main benefits of becoming a Sustainche Farm™ Community member:

1. Receive in-depth information on the daily life of the real existing Sustainche Farm™ in Africa.

2. Have your say what you would like to see improved in line with sustainable development principles.

3. Vote on all the big decisions and shape the real sustainable development future.

4. Visit Sustainche Farm™ in Northern Namibia for free.

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Do I need to be a farming expert to subscribe the Sustainche Farm™ project ?

Not at all ! Since also Sustainche is a newcomer to Africa and Namibia, we do not expect you to have any specific expertise. Sustainche has seen so many ‘experts’, especially those without a heart, and he is somehow fat up with them … just like many Africans are as well. Our experts on the ground are the real existing farm family.

Although the Sustainche Farm™ is neither a game nor utopia, it is rather to use the brain and life experience to help designing Sustainche Farm™. We will provide all information needed, and if you need more, just give us your feedback and we will ensure that more information will meet the demand of the Sustainche Farm™ Community.

Will subscribers become shareholders of Sustainche Farm™ ?

No. Sustainche Farm™ is a family operated small-scale farm in Northern Namibia. According to the Communal Land Act as of 2002 the land itself is still state property of the Republic of Namibia and also the family who operates the farm today is only registered on a leasehold basis.

Will subscribers get any produce from the farm ?

No. However, if you would like to enjoy a visit to Sustainche Farm™ you are most welcome to taking pleasure in what is produced here. Have a taste of the carefully and slowly prepared homemade food. Sustainche & Lisa would kindly ask for a small reward of what has been consumed or bought.

Why is Sustainche Farm™ being selected by Sustainche & Lisa alone and without voting ?

Well, Sustainche & Lisa thought about organizing a voting on which small-scale farm in Northern Namibia should be selected as Sustainche Farm™. However, this was deemed to be very tricky. Sustainche & Lisa will spend a lot of time for their fact finding mission in Northern Namibia and both can ensure you that they will make the best selection possible. This is not only about the location as such. It is also about trust and confidence in relation to the local farmer family. For sure, Sustainche & Lisa will not select some kind of ‘demonstration farm’. It will be a normal small-scale family farm.

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