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What is Sustainche Farm™ all about ?
Why has Sustainche & Lisa launched this farming experiment in Africa ?

During the past years Sustainche™ became exhausted on how theoretical and hypocritical developing
projects all around the world are being designed and implemented by international donor organizations. Many of these projects are lacking any impact and most of them are far away to support sustainable development. Sustainche has seen it with his own eyes in Macedonia and now in Namibia. What is needed is a grass-root approach and flagship example that others can see and follow. Since a bit more than one year Sustainche and his African friend Lisa enjoy living in Namibia. You might have followed Sustainche’s Blog™. Sustainche & Lisa during this time have met many people in the rural areas and have made many friendships. Thus, Sustainche & Lisa have the strong feeling that it is high time to show the world via internet the real daily life on a normal small-scale farm in Northern Namibia. At the same time, Sustainche & Lisa together with the farmer family would enjoy encouraging people around the world to participate in decision making on how to improve the overall situation of the farm and to support a better quality of life strictly in line with sustainable development principles.

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