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This is a sketch map of Sustainche Farm™.

Sustainche Farm Sketch Map

Take a walk around our farm. Your questions are always welcome !

By the way … questions: Taking up Sustainche’s spatial analysis map, please find below the precise location of Sustainche Farm™ indicated with a green star … just next to Sustainche … 😉

Spatial Analysis_Location Sustainche Farm

8 Responses to Farm Map

  1. ManfredcheII says:

    Hallo Sustainche,

    here are my next questions. :-))
    How many cattle, goats and chicken are on the farm? And do the animals live outside all over the year?
    Then I miss your answer concerning the fact, that the picture of the flooding farm is the Sustainche Farm?

    All the best to you and your friends.
    Manfredche II

    • Sustainche says:

      Thanks, Manfredche II & friends,

      Did we miss answering a question ? Shame on us !
      So, the flooded farm house on the picture in section ‘Northern Namibia Flooding 2011’ is NOT Sustainche Farm ! Sustainche farm as indicated with a green star on the ‘Location Analysis Map’ above is safely situated on a sand ridge and this location is higher than any flooding event, even the record high flood of 2011. That’s in fact why Sustainche & Lisa prior to the selection of Sustainche Farm prepared a ‘Location Analysis’ 😉
      Sustainche Farm animals enjoy living outside during the entire year. This is possible due to the favourable climate with minimum temperatures even now during Winter-July not lower than 8-10°C. During the night cattle and goats sleep together in the ‘cattle & goats house’ towards the eastern side of the farm. This is an open space only enclosed with wooden poles and thorny bush branches. Chicken have their nests in the vicinity of the ‘granary’ near the farm house … there are always some mahangu grains to choose and pick. Lately when it became quite chilly during early morning, Meme Tresia was only a bit scared that the baby chicken would feel warm enough. However, Mama chicken took care :-)
      Well, how many cattle, goats and chicken live on the farm ? In Africa this is a very private question, the same like asking: “How much moneyski do you have on your bank account, Manfredche II?” We need to ask Sustainche Farm family whether they are prepared to provide precise figures and come back to you as soon as possible 😉

      Have a nice evening !
      Sustainche, Lisa & friends

  2. ManfredcheII says:

    hallo Sustainche,
    in the early morning I did my vote.
    Thanks for the detailed explications.
    Now my next questions:
    Do the farm have some cows, especially for milk? Do they use/have goats-milk or -cheese?
    Do they sell goats and cattle? Can they slaughter their cattle or goats?

    Many greetings from a rainy Germany
    Manfredche II

    • Sustainche says:

      Dear Manfredche II & friends in rainy Germany,

      Thank you very much for voting and for your interesting new questions :-)

      1. How many cattle, goats and chicken are on the farm?
      This answer is still pending and since we are prepared to provide realistic figures, we need some more time for elaboration 😉
      2. Does the farm have some cows, especially for milk?
      There are cows on the farm but not really specifically for ‘milk production’. If cows have calves, Tate Fillipus milks them just for the supply of the children in the house. However, milking the cows is only done during rainy season.
      3. Do they use/have goats-milk or -cheese?
      There are goats on Sustainche Farm but goats are not milked. Consequently, there is no goats cheese.
      4. Do they sell goats and cattle?
      No, the Sustainche Farm family does not sell goats or cattle.
      5. Can they slaughter their cattle or goats?
      5.1. Tate Fillipus slaughters cattle only when there are big family celebrations such as weddings. You know, there are 10 children and five of them got married. Following our traditions Tate Fillipus needed to slaughter one cattle for each child that got married. When one of the extended family is getting married he can also support that family with one cattle.
      5.2. Goats are only slaughtered for Christmas Eve celebration and also on the occasion when the family comes together. Some the children are working far away from the farm and therefore a family gathering is something special.

      Enjoy your day, the Sustainche Farm family :-)

  3. ManfredcheII says:

    Hallo Sustainche,

    thank you for the detailed explanations.
    Slowly but surely I become a idea of the life on Sustainche Farm. All this is new for a “child” born in a town. ;-))
    I will reflect everything and then I come back with further questions.

    Have a good time
    Manfredche II

    • Sustainche says:

      Hello Manfredche II & friends,

      being a true Sustainche Farm community activist, we very much appreciate all your questions which in total help us providing a comprehensive picture on Sustainche Farm in Northern Namibia !

      Warm regards, Sustainche, Lisa & the Sustainche Farm family

  4. ManfredcheII says:

    Hallo Sustainche,

    my next questions :-))
    What can I understand under pottery and wickerwork production? Where are the ingredients for the production from?
    Is the production only for the domestic use?

    Have a nice weekend
    Manfredche II & friends

    • Sustainche says:

      Hello Manfredche II & friends, indeed very interesting questions again :-)

      Wickerwork as well as pottery is traditionally produced by Meme Tresia for the Sustainche Farm domestic household. She is in particular well-known for her Oshoongo, which is utilized by Tate Fillipus for catching fish in the Oshanas, and for her flat plate-type wickerwork. The later is used for example for serving mahangu porridge. The material for wickerwork is found in the surrounding environment, such as reed grass and palm leaves.

      The same refers to pottery. Meme Tresia finds the clay in the now dry bed of the nearby Oshana. It is traditional knowledge that this type of clay has some really amazing properties and Sustainche can only confirm: When you put some water in pottery bowl, it will be cooled. Guess what kind of mineral could be responsible for such a miracle … ? 😉 The pottery you find under farm products of this website are all meant to serve the family’s food.

      We hope that this answers your questions.
      Enjoy your weekend as well – here it seems that we can enjoy a nice warm “winter” weekend with up to 29°C 😉
      Cheers, Sustainche, Lisa & the Sustainche Farm family

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