Sustainche thinks about a ‘Sustainche Farm’ in Namibia, Part I

Well, there is no doubt that Sustainche™ is still under the impression of his research results on ‘exploitation’ and ‘land grabbing’ in Africa. He feels sad.

“This is indeed sad,” Lisa tries to cheer up Sustainche, “but we are too small to change this mammals’ world of Sustainche and Lisa Easter 2011thieves and hypocrites operating in private businesses and development organizations.” Sustainche looks down on his belly: “But I have a big red heart and I came here to provide inspiration for a better quality of life.” “Yes, Sustainche, we’re all here to do what we’re all here to do,” Lisa quotes the Oracle from the Matrix Reloaded Movie. “We need to design our own project: ‘Sustainche Farm’ ”, Lisa continues. Elephantche on the Elephantche snug sofa cushion is instantly waking up. “Hmmm,” Sustainche is thinking …, “Sustainche Farm … how can we do this? We are poor !” is Sustainche’s rather less enthusiastic first comment. “Well, we are poor in the traditional sense because we have no moneyski, neither in the pocket nor on any bank account. However, we have a good heart and many good ideas on how to generate the climate for change towards sustainable development. We know a lot about sustainable development. Don’t we ?” Lisa explains. “Well, this is very much true”, Sustainche confirms,” however, who would like to know what we know?”


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