The Sustainche Farm™ Project – The Basics

“You can’t make a decision on something if you don’t know anything about it.”

Sustainche™ cannot remember where he found this sentence but it came in his mind when he together with Lisa made their first fact finding visit to villages in Northern Namibia.

Sustainche’s Farm Project Poster Benefits InvitationNever mind, Sustainche is sure that if we really want his blog audience and the world in large being involved in this unique sustainable development project, we need to show the entire world the rural regions of Northern Namibia as Sustainche & Lisa see them with their own eyes on the ground.

The internet knows no borders, so even those who come to questions and proposals from different vantage points and from various experiences can have a common cause.

Consequently, even during this very early phase of the ‘The Sustainche Farm™ Project’, at a stage when virtually everything needs to be planned and organized from scratch, we would like to involve those in our decision making who feel strongly committed to Sustainable Development in general and to the vision and mission of Sustainche Farm™ in Namibia in particular.

Since also Sustainche is a newcomer to Africa and Namibia, we do not expect that you are an expert. Sustainche has seen so many ‘experts’ and he is somehow fat up with them. It is rather to use the brain, the heart and life experience to help designing Sustainche Farm™. Sustainche Farm™ is a real existing smallholder family farm in Northern Namibia, and the people living there will need to survive and make their living. In this respect, whatever we will propose will have a real impact on the real ground – this is neither a game nor utopia !

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