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Motivation …
“You can’t make a decision on something if you don’t know anything about it.” Sustainche & Lisa assume that most of the potential supporters of the Sustainche Farm™ project don’t know Africa or Namibia, and they never have been invited to visit a smallholder farm in the rural regions. Therefore, Sustainche & Lisa understand it to be essential to first of all provide in-depth information on the daily life on the real existing Sustainche Farm™. This paves the ground to have your say on what you would like to see improved.

Mobilization …
Starting from Sustainche’s Blog™ and additionally supported by this Sustainche Farm™ website, online media are our main channels for mobilization of the Sustainche Farm™ community. The frequency and intensity of media utilization such as video clips and pictures will need to take into consideration the farm family’s privacy. Thus, a respectful behaviour is paramount for the success of the Sustainche Farm™ project. All this shall be discussed frankly and friendly among the subscribed community members.

The number of subscriptions will reflect people’s interest and enthusiasm for the Sustainche Farm™ project experiment.

Implementation …
Sustainche Farm™ is not a farm in the European Union, but a farm in Africa. Hence, the farm’s ultimate aim is to make the farm family self-sufficient; some people might call it ‘self-sustainable’. It is also to keep in mind that smallholder farmers in Northern Namibia do not receive yearly subsidies like their EU colleagues do collect from Brussels. Therefore, any changes decided by the membership community to improve the real situation of Sustainche Farm™ need to respect a sustainable development approach, which include economic, social & cultural as well as environmental aspects at the same time.

Beyond this, Sustainche Farm™ shall be open for proposals in terms of a diversification of income. Any kind of investment that goes beyond the usual investments of the family farm will need to be discussed among the Sustainche Farm™ Community. This also refers to investment costs and on how they could be covered by sponsorship or additional membership contributions. Sustainche & Lisa are open for any suggestions.

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