Sustainche Farm™ Project: The Etosha Special

During the past two years Sustainche™ & Lisa were approached by various people around Planet Earth:

“Hey, Sustainche™ & Lisa, why don’t you show us some pictures of your animal friends from Etosha – Etosha National Park is just around the corner of Sustainche Farm™ ?”

Your wish is our command !

Namibia 2007 Centenary of Etosha Nationalpark_stamps miniaturesheet

Well – Etosha National Park is indeed just around the corner. 2 ½ hours drive is nothing worth mentioning in Namibia !

Etosha and the adjacent rural regions is also the landscape in Northern Namibia where Tatekulu M-Sustain™ during the 1990ies led a number of projects on ‘climate change & landscape-ecological risk assessment’ together with friends and colleagues of the Etosha Ecological Institute and a team of students and graduates from the University of Regensburg, Germany. You might recall that this was a long time before ‘climate & environmental change’ became a mainstream topic appearing in all international media.

First of all let’s get a feeling for this extraordinary ‘hot spot’ of Planet Earth’s mother nature called ‘Etosha’. This also refers to ‘Etosha Pan’ or – as native San people call it – ‘the white place’.

Enjoy the slide show by clicking on the picture above :-)

Additional pictures will be added day-by-day 😉

Warm regards, Sustainche™ & Lisa

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