Sustainche Farm™ products: The ‘Mahangu’ Episode, Part III

The month of August – beyond December – is very popular for marriage (French language mariage) in Northern Namibia. Well, we are all well aware what happens when you get married:

“What is shared, becomes more !”

Namibian Wedding_small

This also refers to the mariage of Namibian slow food specialities and international kitchen art (French art culinaire) … 🙂

Pounding Room threshed mahangu pearls 6_4You might remember from reading Sustainche Farm™ products: The ‘Mahangu’ Episode, Part II that Meme Tresia is famous for her traditionally prepared “Oshifima” mahangu porridge and “Oshikundu”. Sustainche & Lisa with pleasure can confirm that there is nothing better than starting the day with a refreshing and healthy “Oshikundu” drink.Sustainche & Lisa at Restaurant Gathemann Windhoek

While handing over the first 10 kg of unprocessed mahangu (pearl millet) to Restaurant Gathemann in Windhoek on 16 June, 2012, Sustainche & Lisa already were curious to learn, what Mr. Urs P. Gamma “will do to” the Sustainche Farm™’s good, clean and fair produced mahangu. In fact, it is rather unusual in Owambo kitchen to utilize the pearls as such, but to pound mahangu flour in order to make Oshifima porridge and Oshikundu.

Sustainche Farm mahangu cakesWell, “the miracle” immediately arrived on the table after Sustainche & Lisa returned from their journey to Europe where they assisted to start establishing the Sensualitectur Foundation: “Tasting & photo shooting time !”, this was how Urs Gamma welcomed back the two small Sustainable Development & Slow Food® activists in his restaurant.

“The miracle” indeed was a twofold delicious mariage of Sustainche Farm™ mahangu pearls and Gathemann Restaurant’s international top quality kitchen art: a spicy mahangu quiche tartelette – a perfect “winter dream” (on the left side of the picture) – and a sweet mahangu cake (on the right and the picture below). What a pleasure del gusto !

Unfortunately website technology is still not able to allow you to smell and taste … . Never mind – enjoy taking a look to the pictures 😉Sustainche Farm sweet mahangu cake

Mr. Urs Gamma just informed us that art culinaire mahangu quiche tartelettes were freshly prepared for the VIP table of high ranked Namibian Government officials on the occasion of the opening event of a new lodge in Northern Namibia. Well, it appears that thanks to Restaurant Gathemann in Windhoek, Sustainche Farm™ products enjoy a superb promotion … 🙂

Thank you !

 Enjoy Sustainche Farm™ products at

Restaurant Gathemann in Windhoek, Namibia !

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2 Responses to Sustainche Farm™ products: The ‘Mahangu’ Episode, Part III

  1. ManfredcheII says:

    Hello Sustainche,

    I believe that the mahangu quiche tartelettes taste very good, but I want to know what kind of fruit is inside the sweet cake? On the top I see something green, is this kiwi and what else are the “pearls”?

    Many greetings from Germany
    Manfredche II

    • Sustainche says:

      Hello Manfredche II,

      Thank you very much indeed for your question. Yes, the “green” is kiwi and the “orange” is melon (Mr. Gamma please correct me, if I’m wrong). The “red-purple” is a mousse of raspberries mixed with soaked mahangu pearls. You can identify the “pearls” of the pearl millet (mahangu) if you click and enlarge the upper left picture that shows the original pearl millet pearls at Sustainche Farm. Thin layers of soaked mahangu pearls also separate the different layers of the mahangu sweet cake, as well as they top it … yummy 🙂

      By the way: The mahangu quiche tartelettes are spiced with curry … very interesting 😉

      Warm regards from nice warm (34°C) Northern Namibia,
      Sustainche, Lisa & The Sustainche Farm family