Happy Birthday Sustainche Farm™ Project in Northern Namibia !

Sustainche and Lisa enjoy Sustainche FarmYou might recall that the Sustainche Farm™ Project in rural Northern Namibia went online and became known to the world on 25 May 2011. This is exactly one year ago. Thus, the Sustainche Farm™ family and community – with members in Namibia, Germany, Greece, the United States, India and the Fiji Islands – can take great pride and pleasure to celebrate the first year’s birthday. Congratulations !

Since this day in May 2011 we have published 35 pages and 25 posts. WorldPress statistics has counted 10,112 all-time views for the Sustainche Farm™ website. Having in mind our limited financial resources, Sustainche™ & Lisa regard this to be a marvellous result of one year efforts. We are very happy and we are grateful for the donation received so far via betterplace.org 🙂

Sustainche Farm Project_Global Viewers 25 February-25 May 2012

As you can see from the global map, the Sustainche Farm™ Project is followed by citizens on all inhabited continents – well, except Antarctica, Lisa wishes to add … 😉Sustainche and Lisa on their way to the village

Taking the top 10 views by country for all days during the period 25 February 2012 – 25 May 2012 only, we can present the following results:

Namibia 1,080; Germany 158; United States 80; South Africa 38; India 21; United Kingdom 15; Russian Federation 14; Italy 13; Malaysia 12; Denmark 10 and Argentina 10.

Thank you very much indeed citizens of Planet Earth !


Join our Sustainche Farm™ Project birthday celebrations …
wherever you live on Planet Earth ! 🙂

Sustainche Farm Project Logo_02 long


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